LF065 – Robert Ridley-Shackleton / Sindre Bjerga – Split Cassette


Two sides of honkytonk glory from the best form-smashers this side of the Andromeda Galaxy, and twice as alien too. Our Cardboard Prince Robert Ridley-Shackleton turns over a series of funky beatz blasters, crooner ruminations on household domestics, pay-for-play economics (LF Head of Finance knocking on my door right now, thanx RRS) and digestive tract issues – all reminiscent of a downtown funk era Billy Joel vs Chrome supercut sewer tape. Meanwhile Norwegian scene leader Sindre Bjerga cuts a mean track of warped churn, freaked throat-slang and grossed-out electronics, all in his interminable carsick tape journey to Stavanger via overturned ferry vibe. Both nut trips as you would expect from these blood-brothers. Wide and weird C30 cassette, sure to go fast. £5 (+ £1 postage outside the UK).


Cassette + Postage