Second ever live gig by psychic avenger duo Non-Ferric Memories. 100% witching hour sounds birthed deep in the basement of Joey Chainsaw (RIP). Dank weird unit out of Swindon no less who are totally aware of the lay-line configuration of Wiltshire and have been known to cause said energy foci to bend at will. I saw the temporal shift myself when they hit Bristol one sultry evening (see LF015), causing the architecture of the pub to melt at the same frequency as their cackled howls. They’ll move you in degrees of decades forward or backwards in space/time, pretty much obliterating all reason and logic in the search for the parallel tongue.

While I wasn’t there when this was put to the magnetic, one participant of the evening (by all account you couldn’t help but participate) called it a ‘marriage ceremony of spite and seduction’. The disconnected TV in the corner of the basement was said to have come alive mid-gig with ‘some crude & grainy images transmitted from the local mortuary and the Wetherspoons next door’. Post-gig, observers reported a spinning disc in the sky above the town, repeated sightings of a ghostly amnesiac and an un-attributable fugue lasting for days. Like I said, I wasn’t there, but I can vouch that this cdr will give yer telepathic transportation to these savage and foreign lands and alter your bodily crystalline structure for the duration.

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