Oh. Memories of that night now etch-o-sketched on my grey matter and then pressed direct from my human slime onto cdr. That was a real steamer and stinker of a summer evening, poor AC combined with nervous sweats + four units from the South-West crammed into The Croft front room = mass attrition. Joinedbywire wrestle drones and voices into a slamming chemical/toxic mixture unfit for rat consumption but essential for human wellbeing. Non-Ferric Memories conjure a lovechild of Max Ernst & Mad Magazine, an unaccountably ODDBALL psyche-world of mutant fold-ins. Little Creature as hoodlum priest & opera star lost in a shifting/howling swamp world. SkjĂžlbat try to cool the average room temperature with alchemical string and metal improv only to turn the whole crew into joyful mercury puddles.

A righteous and right-on evening documented via two hand-sprayed cdr’s in a mini DVD case with full colour punked art.

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